Catering in Ohio

Catering prices below are for pick-up orders. If you want the food delivered and we are able to do so on your event date, there would be an additional delivery fee. We deliver food in professional insulated catering cabinets so the food is hot when we place it on your buffet. Prices are subject to change. (Please note: Delivery is normally not available on holidays. Minimums may apply. Please call Dan at 513-922-7020 with any questions.)


Our Famous Marinated Fried Chicken: $1.37per piece for 100 or more equally mixed pieces or $1.41per piece for between 52 &96 pieces. You can order any number of pieces divisible by 4 since you will get equal number of breasts, thighs, drums,and wings. If you would like to order extra breasts, the cost is $2.95each; the cost for extra drums is 99 cents each.

Sliced Roast Beef in Gravy: $12.95 per pound with a 5 lb. minimum. We use eye of the round since it is tender, lean,and uniform. You pay only for the weight of the meat and we add delicious gravy.

Tender & Meaty Pork Baby Back Ribs with Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce: $29.95 per slab. We can cut the ribs into 1 or 2 bone portions. In a slab there are approximately 13 rib bones. The ribs are very meaty and are cooked in a high pressure steamer to lock in the flavor and to tenderize the meat.

Real Mashed Potatoes: $63.00 per full size steam table pan or $35.00 per half size. A full size steam table pan should serve about 70 guests. We use USDA -A Red potatoes which are steamed (not boiled) and then whipped with real butter, cream, whole milk, and sea salt. These mashed potatoes are as good as your grandma used to make!

Real Chicken Gravy: $7.95per quart. Our delicious gravy is made from real chicken stock and not from a powder. There are 32 ounces in a quart, so if you use a 1 ounce ladle, you can get 32 servings per quart. Note: If you order Roast Beef in Gravy, you can use the beef gravy for the Mashed Potatoes and not spend more money on Chicken Gravy.

The Farm’s exclusive “Au Gratin Green Beans”: $69.00 per full size steam table pan or $38.00 per half size. A full size steam table pan should serve about 70 guests. A cheesy treat!

Buttered Corn Niblets: $53.00 per full size steam table pan or $29.00 per half size. A full size steam table pan should serve about 70 guests. We start with frozen super sweet yellow corn and cook it in a high pressure steamer (not boiled in water) to preserve the great corn flavor and we season it with real butter and sea salt. Tastes like you’re eating it off the cob!

The Farm’s home-style Gourmet Cole Slaw: $2.95 per pound. We shred fresh green cabbage and carrots, and we add our gourmet celery-seed coleslaw dressing. You can normally get at least 4 servings per pound depending on the other salads you may be serving.

Dinner Rolls: $3.50per dozen

Butter Cups: Individual Servings are 15 cents each.

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